Girls Recreational Gymnastics

We take pride in our structured girl’s gymnastics programming!

Our lesson plans are thoughtfully created with appropriate childhood development in mind. We teach not only gymnastics skills in the gym, but also teach our gymnasts life skills along the way. North Crest offers a multilevel program where children progress from level to level at their own pace. Classes are divided into groups according to age and ability. Great care is taken to teach skills in a thorough and progressive manner to alleviate “gaps” that might restrict their gymnastics potential in later years.


At North Crest, our recreational gymnastics program is progressive in nature. Although we provide some beginning age recommendations, the class level is based on mastery of a specific skill set. Students will learn fundamental skills on traditional girls’ apparatus including floor, beam, bars, vault, and trampoline, along with building greater overall strength and confidence for continued skill development. They will work on strength and shaping as well as skills including cartwheels, handstand variations, pullovers, backward and forward rolls, trampoline drops, safety falls, and more!

Gymnasts generally remain in each level for up to one year or more before acquiring all of the skills necessary to advance. Students will be consistently evaluated by their instructor for safety, strength, and skill readiness for the next level!


6-8 yr olds • 1 hour

Designed for gymnasts aged 6-8 with a focus on the foundations of gymnastics. Areas of focus include: gym and apparatus safety (including safe stretching, landing & falling techniques), gymnastics terminology, shapes & concepts, and body awareness.

Mastery of this level will rely on the completion of Beginner level skills along with class performance & attitude, listening skills, and an understanding of basic concepts of the sport.

Mature Beginner:

9-14 yr olds • 1 hour

Designed for the older beginning gymnast, this class is for girls aged 9-14 who are new to the sport. Areas of focus are the same as the Beginner class, but it allows older gymnasts to master skills at a different pace than their younger counterparts, along with giving them a class with other kids their age, where they are more comfortable and confident. Mastery of this level is the same as the Beginner class.

Advanced Beginner:

7+ yr olds1 hour

Designed for gymnasts aged 7-14 who have completed either Beginners or Mature Beginners.  Areas of focus include: how to gain strength & flexibility, precision in shape & form, gaining confidence, and learning how to engage the correct muscles for greater effectiveness in their skills.

Mastery of this level will rely on the completion of Advanced Beginner level skills along with confidence, motivation, and endurance. 


Completed Girl’s Advanced Beginner2 hours

Designed for gymnasts aged 8-14 who have completed the Advanced Beginners curriculum. The 2-hour time frame allows gymnasts at this level to spend more time on conditioning for strength and stretching for greater flexibility which is required for the higher-level skills to come.

Areas of focus include: beginning to use a more advanced level of equipment, gaining a full understanding of how to incorporate the shapes they have learned into the new skills being introduced, and learning how to connect skills in order to put combinations together for more difficult skills and, eventually, full routines. There will also be more of a focus on the dance skills they will use in their gymnastics in the future.

Mastery of this level will rely on the completion of Intermediate level skills along with the precision of technique, knowing how to take and make the corrections given by coaches, resilience, perseverance, and work ethic.

Advanced Intermediate:

Completed Girl’s Intermediate2 hours

Designed for gymnasts aged 8-14 who have completed the Intermediate curriculum and are working towards fulfilling goals in the sport. Gymnasts at this level will learn the skills necessary to move into a competition-based program.

Areas of focus include: a greater knowledge of how to incorporate tumbling and dance combinations into their gymnastics, using the strength and flexibility training to the best of their ability to achieve success in the sport, and figuring out what they want from the sport and how to work towards their own personal goals. Most gymnasts at this level will begin to have strong preferences and different levels of ability across the different events they train in. Because of this, we begin to individualize curriculum more at this level, so it is expected that these athletes work hard and have more commitment to their training, in and out of their regular class time.

Mastery of this level will rely on the completion of Advanced Intermediate skills, along with a high level of strength and flexibility, precision in form, determination, and a deep understanding of how the body moves to safely execute the next path in gymnastics they choose to embark on.


Completed Girl’s Advanced Intermediate2 hour

Designed for gymnasts aged 10-15 who have completed the Advanced Intermediate curriculum but choose not to compete. Gymnasts at this level will continue to advance their skills at a pace that is right for them. Coaches and athletes work together at this level to make sure gymnasts are getting the most out of their training while moving towards meeting their own personal goals.

This level requires a very strong work ethic, and the ability to self-motivate. This is the highest level of our recreational program and as such, there is no mastery of this level. It is an open-ended level that continues to teach more difficult skills as the athlete progresses, until they either move to a competitive program, or make the decision to take another path. 

Tuition is billed monthly

Why Choose Us?

  • Internally developed curriculum that focuses on building the “whole athlete”
  • Coaches use a positive and supportive approach to teaching
  • Classes committed to individual goal setting and progression

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