Showstoppers (Co-Ed)

What is Pre-Company?

Pre-Company is a year-round program that prepares dancers to grow and develop skills in the dance world and life lessons! These classes will also guide them into our Competitive Company at North Crest! 

Pre-Company Auditions are May 20, 2024

With a parent meeting at the same time from 5:30-6:45pm at North Crest in Studio A

Showstoppers (Co-Ed):

8-11 yr olds2x / Week – 1.5hrs per night Plus Weekend Workshops

Showstoppers is for 5-11 year-old girls and boys – by audition only. Tuition for this class is $92/mo. and includes dance camp, parades, and summer intensives as well in the summer. Costume fees are an additional payment of $350, this can be paid in monthly increments or all at one time in July. We would expect them to have 5 costumes throughout the year. Warm-ups and uniforms are an additional one-time fee around $150. This is typically purchased in the summer. 

Class times are currently scheduled for:

Summer 2023 & Fall 2023Monday’s 5:00-6:30pm & Wednesday’s 4:00-5:30pm

Showstoppers will be invited to participate in summer parades, summer dance camp (mid-July), summer intensives, and the Company Ballet. They will perform in the Winter and Spring Performances for North Crest. Upon receiving your commitment to this class, dancers will receive an order form for a uniform and warm-up (this is separate from other expenses and as stated above is usually around $150) that they will use for the above practices/rehearsals and performances. Dancers will also be expected to order the appropriate and required shoes for their classes, show shirts, and required make-up. 

Again, Pre-Company Auditions are on May 20th with a parent meeting at the same time from 5:30-6:45PM. Please email us with “(Dancer Name) pre-company audition” in the subject with any questions and if you are interested. We appreciate your thoughts and consideration! We look forward to hearing from you!

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